Roundnet World started off in 2017 with a mission to connect players from every corner of the world.
    Back then roundnet was transforming into a recognised sport in the US and beginning to gain attention internationally. 
    We see the growth of a global sporting community as the key to gaining international recognition for our sportThese people leading growth in their regions, countries or continents deserve to have their stories told. it is these stories that can help  to inspire or advise the next roundnet player to do something amazing for our sports development!
This is the power of the community here at Roundnet World


our platform 

Provides our community with free premium content created by the leaders in worldwide roundnet

Supports roundnet leaders and their communities through projects like the community collection which lets our community represent and donate to other international communities that they love.


Our mission

is to professionalize roundnet for everyone in our international community. We have been telling the incredible story of our sports growth for the last 4 years and in that time everything has changed.


In another 4 years, we know that Roundnet will be on its way to the Olympics! Here at Roundnet World we want to tell your story to our growing worldwide community. 

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