Major Roundnet Organizations Around the World

Updated: Apr 30

The world of competitive roundnet is constantly changing, as are the organizations that influence and govern the sport. Ahead, we will provide more information about four major roundnet organizations around the world - Spikeball Roundnet Association (SRA), International Roundnet Federation (IRF), USA Roundnet, and Eu Roundnet Association (EURA).

The world of competitive roundnet has been full of CHANGE since the beginnings as a sport around the year 2011-ish (some may debate that date). Since then, the sport has grown from a few diehard 'pockets' of competitors around the United States and Canada back in the early 2010s, to now having dozens of roundnet organizations around the globe, including all the continents of the world, besides Antarctica ... for now!

Spikeball Roundnet Association

The SRA is recognized by most around the competitive roundnet world as the 'top' competitive roundnet tournament series in the world. The SRA tournament schedule features competition in North America.

The 2021 SRA tournament schedule features more 'marquee' events than years past. This means fewer events, with no 'regions', as there have been in the past.

This will allow the SRA to focus on implementing two-day tournaments for 'higher' competitive levels, more gameplay for all, increased spectating opportunities, and overall lots of positive upgrades, in my opinion.

Roundnet Rules

Historically, the SRA has been the organization that has been the leader in setting the official rules for the sport of roundnet.

Rule change has been one major constant in the world of competitive roundnet. Historically, some of these rule variations across the roundnet world have been quite interesting!

Back in the early days of competitive roundnet some examples of those variations are ... allowing players set 'screens' on opponents, allowing the offense to play a ball off the rim if they had more than one 'touch' left, two-person serve return, the ability to 'adjust' the net mid-point ... I am sure there are more!

Simply put, there have been BIG changes implemented to the rules in the past, and for the 2021 season.