• Thomas Witt

Change and Progress in Roundnet: Players Have a CHOICE - Part I - By: Tom Witt

Updated: Mar 31

The roundnet rules, equipment, attitudes, strategies, and much more have been altered since the inception of the sport.

Those changes have not always been influenced by ‘the powers that be’ but by mainly the PLAYERS.

Ahead, changes throughout the history of roundnet, examples in other sports, and thoughts on the future of changes in roundnet.

- In This Article -

History of Change in Roundnet

Examples of Player CHOICE Leading to Change

Examples of Change in Other Sports

Change - It Is Up to US

It is up to US as roundnet participants and enthusiasts to be the leaders in that purposeful change in our sport.

With this power in our hands, we literally have the opportunity to mold the trajectory of the sport of roundnet, and how future generations play the game.

That is an opportunity that most sport participants do not ever have!

WE must take advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!